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Player Index
Name Position Team
Aardsma, David P STL
Abad, Andy OF -
Abad, Fernando P OAK
Abbott, Jeff CF -
Abbott, Paul SP -
Abercrombie, Reggie OF -
Abernathy, Brent 2B -
Abreu, Abner OF CHN
Abreu, Bobby OF NYN
Abreu, Jose 1B CHA
Abreu, Juan P LA
Abreu, Miguel SS -
Abreu, Tony IF SF
Abreu, Winston P -
Accardo, Jeremy P -
Acevedo, Jose P -
Acevedo, Juan P -
Aceves, Alfredo P NYA
Ackley, Dustin LF SEA
Acosta, Manny P -
Adames, Cristhian IF COL
Adams, Austin P CLE
Adams, David IF BAL
Adams, Lane OF KC
Adams, Matt 1B STL
Adams, Mike P PHI
Adams, Russ IF -
Adams, Ryan IF -
Adams, Terry P -
Adcock, Nate P TEX
Adduci, Jim 1B TEX
Adenhart, Nick P -
Adkins, Jon P -
Adrianza, Ehire IF SF
Affeldt, Jeremy P SF
Agbayani, Benny OF -
Aguero, Ramon P TEX
Aguila, Chris OF -
Aguilar, Jesus IF CLE
Aguilar, Omar P -
Ahmed, Nick IF ARI
Ainsworth, Kurt P -
Albaladejo, Jonathan P -
Albers, Andrew SP -
Albers, Matt P HOU
Alburquerque, Al P DET
Alcantara, Arismendy OF CHN
Alcantara, Israel 1B -
Alcantara, Raul P OAK
Alderson, Tim P OAK
Aldridge, Cory OF TOR
Alexander, Manny SS -
Alfaro, Jason 3B -
Alfaro, Jorge C TEX
Alfonseca, Antonio P -
Alfonzo, Edgardo 2B -
Alfonzo, Eliezer C -
Alicea, Luis 3B -
Allen, Brandon 1B NYN
Allen, Chad OF -
Allen, Cody P CLE
Allen, Luke 3B -
Allen, Scottie P NYA
Almanza, Armando P -
Almanzar, Carlos P -
Almanzar, Michael 3B BOS
Almonte, Abraham CF SEA
Almonte, Edwin P -
Almonte, Erick IF -
Almonte, Hector P -
Almonte, Zoilo OF NYA
Almora, Albert OF CHN
Alomar, Roberto 2B -
Alomar, Sandy C -
Alonso, Yonder 1B SD
Alou, Moises OF -
Altherr, Aaron OF PHI
Altuve, Jose 2B HOU
Alvarado, Ramon OF -
Alvarez, Abe P -
Alvarez, Henderson SP MIA
Alvarez, Jose P ANA
Alvarez, Juan P -
Alvarez, Manny P -
Alvarez, Mario P -
Alvarez, Pedro 3B PIT
Alvarez, R.J. P SD
Alvarez, Tony OF -
Alvarez, Victor P -
Alvarez, Wilson SP -
Amaral, Rich CF -
Amarista, Alexi IF SD
Ambres, Chip OF -
Ambriz, Hector P SD
Ames, Steve P MIA
Amezaga, Alfredo OF -
Anderson, Brady OF -
Anderson, Brett SP COL
Anderson, Brian A. P -
Anderson, Brian N. P -
Anderson, Bryan C CIN
Anderson, Chase P ARI
Anderson, Chris P LA
Anderson, Drew T. OF -
Anderson, Garret OF -
Anderson, Jason P -
Anderson, Jimmy P -
Anderson, Josh OF -
Anderson, Lars 1B CHN
Anderson, Leslie OF -
Anderson, Marlon 1B -
Anderson, Matt J. P -
Anderson, Tim SS CHA
Andino, Robert IF PIT
Andrade, Steve P -
Andrews, Shane 3B -
Andriese, Matthew P TB
Andrus, Elvis SS TEX
Angle, Matt OF MIA
Ankiel, Rick OF -
Anna, Dean IF PIT
Antonelli, Matt IF -
Antonini, Michael P LA
Aoki, Norichika RF KC
Apodaca, Juan C -
Appel, Mark P HOU
Appier, Kevin P -
Aquino, Greg P -
Aquino, Jayson P COL
Archer, Chris SP TB
Arcia, Oswaldo RF MIN
Ardoin, Danny C -
Arenado, Nolan 3B COL
Arencibia, J.P. DH TEX
Arguelles, Noel P KC
Arias, Alberto P -
Arias, Alex SS -
Arias, Joaquin IF SF
Aristil, Jonnathan P HOU
Armas, Tony P -
Armstrong, Cole C -
Arredondo, Jose P -
Arrieta, Jake SP CHN
Arrojo, Rolando P -
Arroyo, Bronson SP ARI
Arroyo, Christian IF SF
Arruebarrena, Erisbel SS LA
Ascanio, Jose P LA
Asche, Cody 3B PHI
Asencio, Jairo P -
Asencio, Miguel P -
Asencio, Yeison OF SD
Ashby, Andy P -
Ashley, Nevin C PIT
Astacio, Ezequiel P -
Astacio, Olivo P -
Astacio, Pedro P -
Atchison, Scott P CLE
Atchley, Justin P -
Atilano, Luis P CIN
Atkins, Garrett 1B -
Atkins, Mitch P ATL
Aubrey, Michael 1B -
Auer, Tyson OF ANA
Augenstein, Bryan P DET
Aumont, Phillippe P PHI
Aurilia, Rich 1B -
Ausmus, Brad C -
Austin, Jeff P -
Austin, Tyler OF NYA
Aven, Bruce LF -
Avery, Steve P -
Avery, Xavier OF SEA
Avila, Alex C DET
Avilan, Luis P ATL
Aviles, Mike IF CLE
Axelrod, Dylan P CIN
Axford, John P CLE
Ayala, Luis P TOR
Aybar, Erick SS ANA
Aybar, Manny P -
Aybar, Willy IF -

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