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published 06/11/13 12:20pm
Zachary Fucale, of the Halifax Mooseheads, is widely considered the top netminder available at the upcoming draft.
Photo: Keith Hamilton / Icon SMI
Winning teams will all tell you that it starts in goal. With the June 30 NHL Draft fast approaching, we look at the top netminders sure to be on every club's radar.


1. Zachary Fucale, Halifax (QMJHL)

Is blessed with both great fundamentals and the focus and concentration needed to become a big winner at the National Hockey League level. Also has a projectable 6-1 frame… Needs to continue to work on his movement in the crease area, since at times he can be a little too passive. Must also gain more weight and stamina for the highest level… Talented goaltender with good upside.

2. Eric Comrie, Tri-City (WHL)

Boasts tremendous lateral movement side to side, which sets him apart. Also has a projectable 6-1 frame. Plays with enthusiasm and brings energy to his team… Needs to do a better job of channeling his energy, since at times he can be too wound up for the goaltending position. Could also use more bulk on his big frame… Quality goaltender with upside.

3. Philippe Desrosiers, Rimouski (QMJHL)

With great focus and concentration, he is as cool as a cucumber under pressure and owns the ideal demeanor for a netminder. Also displays good technique and a projectable 6-1 frame… Needs to start dominating more at lower levels in order to maximize his chances for success as a professional netminder. Also needs to bulk up and gain greater stamina moving forward… Quality goaltender with some upside.

4. Tristan Jarry, Edmonton (WHL)

Has already proven capable of backstopping a very strong squad at the junior level. His self-confidence brings out the best in his teammates, too. Hates to lose and shows it in his demeanor… Must add more stamina and bulk to his 6-1 frame in order to prove he can play the minutes worthy of a No. 1 goalkeeper at the highest level. Needs to show he can bounce back from adversity… Solid goaltender with upside.

5. Spencer Martin, Mississauga (OHL)

Technically sound, he never quits on a play and will always fight through adversity to make saves for his team. Also has a great frame (6-2) with plenty of projection… Needs to start playing more consistently in the crease area in order to maximize his NHL prospects. Also needs more work on his improvisational save skills… Solid goaltender with upside.

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