published 01/03/13 1:52pm
Mavericks' O.J. Mayo was a proficient shooter in the early going while teammate Dirk Nowitzki recovered from his knee injury.
Photo: Albert Pena / Icon SMI
In fantasy they're known as 'sell high' guys: players off to great starts this season, but should probably be traded in your league before they slow down. Which notables with strong starts might be set to cool off?

1. Tim Duncan, PF/C, Spurs
The Big Fundamental deserves a tip of the cap for turning back the clock this season. Regardless, he's 36 years old and the Spurs love to rest their stars.

2. Jose Calderon, PG, Raptors
The recent injury to Kyle Lowry has seen pass-first Calderon explode back to fantasy relevance. It won't last when Lowry returns, and Calderon is a trade candidate for Toronto.

3. Paul Pierce, SF, Celtics
At 35 Pierce has his highest scoring average (20.4 points per game) since 2008-09. Ray Allen's departure is part of that, but do expect The Truth to tail off a bit.

4. O.J. Mayo, SG, Mavericks
Mayo is talented but it's unwise to expect him to keep shooting as well (.488 from the field, .519 from the arc) or as much (with Dirk Nowitzki back soon) in the New Year.

5. Stephen Curry, PG, Warriors
So far so great for Curry, but he can be both streaky (as his .424 field goal percentage attests) and highly injury-prone (with a troubling history of ankle issues).