published 02/02/13 6:35am
Right now might be a good time to pick up the Lakers' Earl Clark for your fantasy team.
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Fantasy Inbox -- Replacing Big Baby; Rudy trade ripples; A dip for Davis? And Lowry powers up. Have fantasy basketball questions but don't know where to turn? Don't hesitate… just ask us!

Q: I just dropped Big Baby Glen Davis and want to know who would be good to replace him. I'm looking at one of Earl Clark, Michael Beasley, or Andre Drummond.
Santo G. (New Mexico)

FI: We would probably go with Clark right now, Santo. While Beasley and Drummond too are promising and talented young frontcourt players, Clark is the only one of the trio who's starting for his team lately. That may change for both Beasley and Drummond down the stretch (especially since both are playing well of late), but with Clark currently entrenched as the Lakers' starting power forward (ahead of star Pau Gasol), he probably has the best chance for consistent production. Clark is also probably the most well-rounded player of the three.

Q: Kind of bummed my Raptors moved Ed Davis but I'm happy we have Rudy Gay now! Here's my fantasy question … does Gay help Andrea Bargnani or hurt him? Who will start at power forward for them? Thanks!
- Erasmus T. (Toronto, Ontario)

FI: Tough call Erasmus, but we think Gay will probably help Bargnani more than hurt him. Gay can play either forward spot, but once Bargnani returns from his elbow injury (which should be soon) Gay should start at small forward and Bargnani likely starts again at power forward. While Gay, Kyle Lowry, and DeMar DeRozan seem destined to take the majority of the shots for the new-look Raptors, Bargnani doesn't lose out much (if at all) because Davis—who might have kept the starting power forward job in Toronto—is gone. Moreover, Gay is a higher-profile player than Bargnani and so should take some of the pressure off Il Mago (assuming, of course, Bargnani is still around after this year's approaching deadline).

Q: What can I expect from Ed Davis now that he is in Memphis? I picked him up the second I saw that trade with Toronto.
- Jimmy M. (Houston, Texas)

FI: We think Davis is definitely a player on the rise Jimmy, but we wouldn't get too excited about his short-term fantasy fortunes in Memphis. Unlike in Toronto, Davis won't likely be in the mix for starter minutes on his new team anytime soon. Moreover, with Rudy Gay gone the other way in this trade, starting Grizzlies big men Marc Gasol and Zach Randolph may see even more shots and minutes than usual. Of course, in a few years Davis may be a star for Memphis and is likely to eventually take over for Randolph; but for now, expect him to be a backup on a still-good, mostly veteran team.

Q: Offer I'm considering: I would trade Kyle Lowry and in return I get Andrew Bogut and Brandon Knight. Do I take this deal?
- Kumar (Seattle)

FI: It's a hard one to call Kumar, but ultimately it probably depends on your team's needs. If your priority is a star-level point guard, we would keep Lowry (since he now has his starting job back with the Raptors with Jose Calderon traded this week to the Pistons). Calderon's arrival in Detroit probably hurts Knight's fantasy value, since Calderon seems likely to start at point guard and Knight will probably take some time adjusting to a move to shooting guard (with Kyle Singler now the probable starting small forward, since Tayshaun Prince is now in Memphis). So the big question is: does Bogut make up for the fantasy downgrade from Lowry to Knight? That's a tough call for now too, since Bogut may not play every game for a while as Golden State eases him back in to the lineup. So for now, we would keep Lowry.

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