published 02/09/13 4:30am
Now might be a good time to add Raptors center Andrea Bargnani to your fantasy team.
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Fantasy Inbox -- Adding Andrea; Time to turf Turner?; Can Dalembert Deliver? And Gee or Young? Have fantasy basketball questions but don't know where to turn? Don't hesitate, ask us!

Q: Is it worth adding Andrea Bargnani now that he is back for the Raptors? He is having a tough season but I need a center.
Cody G. (Alberta, Canada)

FI: We cautiously say yes, add Bargnani right now. While your concerns are very legit about the Raptors' skilled 7-footeróhe is hitting a dismal .401 from the field, and barely rebounds for a big manóBargnani is also an above-average scorer eligible in most leagues at Center, making him a somewhat rare commodity. Furthermore, rumors persist that the Raptors will trade him, and landing on a new team could bring a nice spike for his fantasy value. Bargnani looked solid in his recent return from an elbow injury, so we would (again cautiously) say sure, go for it.

Q: What's wrong with Evan Turner? He was great earlier this season but now he's hurting my roto team. Should I drop him? If so, do you recommend adding Jerryd Bayless?
Jay (St. Louis, Missouri)

FI: It depends on how desperate your team is for point right now, Jay. If you're near your league's lead, we would stash Turner away and wait it out. If not, we would indeed consider replacing him with Bayless. Turner is still playing major minutes for the Sixers and getting his share of shots; the problem is he just isn't hitting many lately. He is still producing above-average numbers in the rest of his game, however, so this may just be a blip. Bayless isn't a terrible option right now but his production might not last (since he is still coming off the bench, not seeing major minutes, and may just be on a hot streak). Overall, we mostly recommend being patient with Turner and hoping he turns it around.

Q: Is Samuel Dalembert for real? He's been looking good lately for the Bucks but I'm not sure he will keep it up. Should I add him or should I go for Byron Mullens?
Victor (Barbados)

FI: We don't think Dalembert is for real, Victor. While he has always had impressive talent (especially as a rebounder and shot-blocker), Dalembert is one of the most inconsistent talents in the game. His scoring in three recent consecutive outings (0 points, 35 points, 10 points) outlines the issue, and once Larry Sanders returns for the Bucks from a minor back issue, expect Dalembert to tail off again. Meanwhile, Bobcats power forward-center Mullens is a very intriguing and productive fantasy option and is now healthy again. If you can endure Mullens' usually-awful field goal percentage, he's a much better option than Dalembert.

Q: Alonzo Gee or Nick Young? Thanks!
Bri S. (San Antonio, Texas)

FI: Young, and by a big margin, Bri. With the recent news that usual 76ers starting 2-guard Jason Richardson is out the rest of the season, Young is a strong fantasy add in most formats. He's becoming more well-rounded than in the past, and Young has always been a nice source of points and 3-pointers. In sharp contrast, the formerly-promising Gee has hit hard times lately, showing major fatigue and scoring in double-figures just once since Jan. 13. Snap up Young and don't look back.

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