published 02/16/13 5:04am
Charlotte forward Byron Mullens is an interesting fantasy option these days.
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Bringing in Byron! Trust in Thompson? And choosing Chauncey? Have fantasy basketball questions but don't know where to turn? Don't hesitate… just ask us!

Q: Here's a trade offer I just got: I trade Jeff Green and Nick Young for Byron Mullens and Derrick Williams. I need a center, but is this worth it? Cheers.
- G.K. (Las Vegas)

FI: For now we would say yes, G.K., and accept that offer. While Green and Young are both showing definite improvement in bigger roles lately for the Celtics and Sixers (respectively), Mullens and Williams are too (for the Bobcats and T-Wolves). The big edge you would get in this trade would be in the rebounding department, since Mullens and Williams are both excelling on the boards recently. Still, Green is a very well-rounded forward who has stepped up for more minutes due to injuries in Boston, while Young is now starting for Philly and will always score with regular minutes. Then again, Mullens is probably producing the most of these four players of late (and is notably shooting better from the field) and Williams is no downgrade; so if Mullens has center eligibility in your league, we say go for it.

Q: Will Chauncey Billups keep turning back the clock? I have always liked him and he just had a great game … but I would need to drop Jarrett Jack to add Billups. Should I do it?
- Alex K. (Cape Breton, Canada)

FI: Billups is definitely an established veteran talent, Alex. Will he continue to be productive for the Clippers? Probably somewhat, but don't expect too much. At the age of 36 and now fairly injury-prone, Billups probably won't see enough playing time (even if he stays healthy) to be a major contributor the rest of this season. The one edge Billups has over Jack is he's a starter (while Jack comes off the bench for Golden State), but that's probably not quite enough of an advantage to recommend Billups over Jack. We would keep the underrated Jack, who's enjoying a great campaign for the Warriors and should be more productive overall than Billups.

Q: My centers this season are Larry Sanders and Marcin Gortat, and they were pretty good for me early on! Now… not so much. Do you see these two turning it around? If not, any center sleepers I should target?
- Jay S. (Santa Monica, California)

FI: We can definitely see both Sanders and Gortat turning things around this season, Jay; that said, if you can find a space to add a more productive center until they do, we say do it. Sanders is out lately due to a back bruise, while Gortat is seeing a big dip in minutes under new Suns head coach Lindsey Hunter. We don't recommend dropping either player anytime soon (especially Sanders, who is the NBA's top shot blocker), but again, consider adding a fill-in guy if you can. Some intriguing recent options: Jason Thompson is looking stellar lately for Sacramento, Byron Mullens is dominating these days for Charlotte, and Samuel Dalembert is playing surprisingly well in place of Sanders for Milwaukee.

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