published 02/23/13 3:56am
Rookie Thomas Robinson is an intriguing fantasy option now that he's in Houston.
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FANTASY INBOX: Robinson lands in Houston; Redick or Crawford? And how do new backups stack up? Have fantasy basketball questions but don't know where to turn? Don't hesitate… just ask us!

Q: Hey guys, which power forward is helped most the rest of this season by this week's trades: Thomas Robinson, Patrick Patterson, or Marcus Morris? Thanks!
- Dev (Washington State)

FI: It's fairly close Dev, but we have to give the edge to Robinson. The rookie (who was traded this week from the Kings to the Rockets in a deal that also included Patterson heading to Sacramento) has the least experience (and has been the least productive) of the three; yet, his move to Houston also probably gives Robinson the most opportunity of the trio. Robinson is probably the only true power forward left on Houston's roster, while Patterson (in Sacramento) and Morris (now in Phoenix) are both solid options but both now face even more competition for minutes than before. So for now, the nod goes to the still-unproven Robinson (although do also keep an eye on whether the Rockets give more starts to Carlos Delfino instead).

Q: Is J.J. Redick more valuable or less valuable now that he is with Milwaukee? I have been offered Redick for Jordan Crawford straight up in my league… but I am thinking I might keep Crawford.
- Tyler G. (Windsor, Ontario)

FI: Redick seems to be a little less valuable now that he's with the Bucks, Tyler. He is still a very underrated guard who can help any fantasy team, but in Orlando the offense often ran through him. That probably won't be the case on the Bucks, since they have two high-volume shooters at guard (in Brandon Jennings and Monta Ellis) who will likely continue starting ahead of Redick. All that said, we don't see Crawford becoming more valuable fantasy-wise than Redick anytime soon, even with his fresh start in Boston. The Celtics have a veteran team and several established star scorers, so it should take awhile for the erratic Crawford to become a regular part of their offense. We say keep Redick.

Q: I'm looking at either Eric Maynor or Charles Jenkins (go 76ers!) for my keeper roto team (it's a deep league and we each keep 15 players). Which one do you prefer?
- Harold (Iowa)

FI: Neither player is really viable in fantasy yet Harold, but in a deep keeper league we would probably lean toward Jenkins. Both young point guards recently got new leases on their NBA careers by getting traded (Maynor to the Trail Blazers and Jenkins to the Sixers) and each will likely push for the primary backup job on his respective new squads. The edge goes to Jenkins though, because he has more experience starting in the NBA and has shown more durability early on than Maynor. Plus, Jenkins is a bit younger than Maynor, so may have a little more untapped potential.

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